NHS Full time Sick Time Resource

​​​NHS Return to Work: Letter to Member

Policy on preventing discrimination​ based on    Mental Health and Addictions

Return to Work Questionnaire


 Duty to accommodate injured workers
       Equity vs equality; The Unions role

​​Local President: Brenda Allan

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Medical Information from: Policy on preventing discrimination​ based on Mental Health and Addictions

Employment Insurance - sick Benefits 

Long term disability benefits- HOODIP

Short term sick benefits- HOODIP (0-15wks)

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Employment Insurance - sick Benefits

Talking to your doctor

NHS Log sheets for communication

Sick leave resources- Part time employees

NHS RPT Sick Time Resource

Sick leave resources- Full time employees

Return to work resources: 

Occupational health Clinics for ontario workers


This website offers numerous online resources from how to set up a computer station to a mental injuries toolkit. Click the OHCOW logo to go to their site.