January 24th, 2015-Workplace Health and Safety Centre -Investigation and Reporting Workshop
January 24th, 2015- Information Picket with Local 294 Care Parters, 149 Hartzel Road - noon - 2pm
January 27th, 2015- Local Executive Meet
February 11th, 2015- General Membership Meeting & Elections of Local Executive, Elections to upcoming meetings/conferences/convention
February 17th, 2015- Rally at Queens Park, Bus leaves Hamilton 5:30am, contact local president.
February 21-22, 2015- Region 2 Educational Weekend
February 28, 2015- Niagara Labour Council Educational
March 8, 2015- Care Partners Information Picket- all members welcome to support fellow OPSEU members in Niagara
March 9, 2015- 1st meeting of the Newly elected Local Executive Committee
March 11, 2015- Niagara Labour Council Meeting 7pm- Delegates to attend
March 13, 2015- INFO Picket for L294 - 149 Hartzel Road 11:30-12:30
March 19, 2015- INFO Picket for L294 
 11:30am: 4th Ave & Martindale
 4:45pm: 149 Hartzel Road 
March 28, 2015- Region 2 Planning Day for executive of the local (Brenda, Sue G & Lisa M attended)
April 18, 2015- Region 2 Meeting & Elections 

April 21, 2015- HPD (Hospital Professional Division) Prebargaining Meeting
April 22, 2015- HPD Lobbying Day Training
April 29, 2015- NHS Unit Committee meeting for all stewards

May 2, 2015- Solidarity BBQ- 149 Hartzel Road St. Catharines, ON
May 6-9, 2015- OPSEU Annual Convention
May 19th- LEC Meet
May 22nd 2015 12pm- Health Care Day of Action- 2 Secord Dr St. Catharines
June 1, 2015- Steward, Health And Safety Rep and Trustee Appreciation Night
June 5-7, 2015- BPS (Broader Public Service) Convention & 
                         HPD (Hospital Professional Division) Meeting
June 10, 2015 6pm- ***General Membership Meeting @Fonthill Legion - All Members Welcome!

June 12, 2015- Health Care Day of Action- Ottawa
June 13-14, 2015- Region 2 Educational Weekend

June 26, 2015- Health Care Day of Action-Deb Mathews office London

July 5th, 2015- Rally in support of Care Partners- Speakers Corner Kitchener
July 5th, 2015- Rally at Queens Park- see www.jobsjusticeclimate.ca
July 22nd 2015- Labour Day Celebration Planning date

July 27-31, 2015- NRLC Summer School, WSIB Level 1, 2- Brenda accepted to attend on NRLC scholarship

September date TBD- HDS Demand Set
September 15, 2015- NHS Demand Set Meeting, 6pm Fonthill Legion
September 26, 2015- Region 2 Equity Conference (deadline Sept. 4th)
September 28, 29, 2015- HPD Executive meeting for elected executive- Local President to attend
October 2, 2015- Demand submission deadline

October 25-30, 2015- ODRT WSIB Level 3 Training Course- HPD sending Brenda

November 6-8, 2015- Provincial Women’s conference 
November 14,15, 2015- Region 2 Educational Weekend 
November 25-26, 2015- HPD Executive meeting- Brenda to attend
November 27-28, 2015- HPD Central Demand Set Meeting for elected delegates

December 10-11, 2015- Lancaster House Conference- Case law updates, Workshop on Toxic Personalities in the work place
December 14-15, 2015- HPD Executive Web conference - Brenda to participate

January 18, 2016- OHC Rally in Hamilton at Pre-budget hearing

January 24-25, 2016- HPD Executive meeting and Lobbying of MPs in Ottawa (Brenda to participate)

February 20–21, 2016 Region 2 Education Weekend (deadline past)
March 29, 2016- Lancaster Pre-conference “Accommodating Individuals with Episodic Illnesses"
March 29, 2016- Hamilton Town Hall meeting regarding Hospital cuts in Hamilton
March 30, 2016- Ministry of Labour conference: “High Trust Labour Management Relationships"
April 13, 2016- Membership Drive & Prebargaining Mobilization Meeting
April 14-15, 2016- OPSEU Annual Convention 
April 28, 2016- Day of Mourning for Injured Workers- Events throughout Niagara  
​April 28, 2016- Local Bargaining Team Caucus/Training
April 30, 2016- Region 2 Planning Day

April/May 2016- Central Negotiation Team Caucuses and is at the Table with OHA
May 26, 2016- 6pm at Fonthill Legion, GMM to review redraft of bylaws
June 4, 5 2016-Educational Weekend
June 16, 17 2016- NHS Local Bargaining
June 20, 21 2016- Brenda attends Hospital Professional Division Executive (DivEx) Meetings 
June 23, 2016- Ratification of both Central and Local tentative agreements

​August 21st, 2016-OPSEU Region 2 BBQ/Picnic- Rockwood Conservation Area

​September 5th, 2016- LABOUR DAY!! Join in on the celebration events- contact Brenda if interested. T-shirts to members and their families participating in the Labour day parade (starts from Pen Centre)
September 20, 21st- Brenda to attend Hospital Professional Division Executive meeting.
September 26, 2016- Niagara OPSEU Area Council Health and Safety & Steward Appreciation Event

October 18-20, 2016- Lancaster House Health, Safety & WSIB conference
October 22–23, 2016-Educational Weekend

​September 4th, 2017- LABOUR DAY!! Join in on the celebration events- meet at the Pen Centre between 9:45-10:30. Parade starts at 11am. T-shirts first come first served, free food, prizes.
September 11th, 12th- Brenda to attend Hospital Professional Division Executive meeting. 
October 18th 2017- Steward Appreciation Dinner - Queenston Heights
October 19th 2017- Niagara Health Interprofessional Awards and Trivia Night

Upcoming EVENTS & activities 



Contact a member of your executive to find out how you can become involved!

​​Local President: Brenda Allan

905 378-4647 ext 32391

Standing Meetings: (July/Aug excluded)

Niagara Area OPSEU council- First Monday of the month

Niagara Regional Labour Council- Second Wednesday of the month



October 17, 2018- Steward, Trustee and JHSC rep Appreciation Night

October 23rd 2018- OHC Rally, bus leaves OPSEU office at 8 am

November 14- GMM and Local Demand Set- details to follow